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Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: Packer Protests, National Anthems, and Why Despite His Autism, Green Bay's Greg Clark Exemplifies All Veterans


Autism Without Fear: The War on Christmas 


Autism Without Fear: Remembering Donna Williams


Autism Without Fear: In Carly Fleischmann's Own Words—What Happened on HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars."


Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: For Better or for Worse


Autism Without Fear: From the Organization for Autism Research's (OAR's) Upcoming College Guide: "You Can Do It Too"


Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: Erik, Time, and a Simpler Answer


Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: Scott, Sensory Issues, and an Employer Who Gets It


Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: Jakob Robinson is Missing From This Picture


Autism Without Fear—Green Bay Edition: Autism, Elder Care, Alzheimer's...Meet the Mortons!


It's Father's Day: "So What?"


Autism Without Fear: "Do I Look Fat in This Diagnosis?"


Autism Without Fear: On the Passing of Autism Speaks' Suzanne Wright—For Fellow Spectrumites


 Autism Without Fear: "Is My Company's Diversity & Inclusion Strategy...'Comical'?"


Autism Without Fear: Secrets/Confessions of an NFL Mock Draft Genius/LOSER


Autism Without Fear: Advice for Young, Autistic Authors


A Midterm Report on Autism Employment Initiatives


Autism Without Fear: On Darius McCollum, and the Necessary Resignations of Allen Cappelli, Charles Moerdler, and Andrew Alpert


Autism Without Fear: Don't Get TOO Excited About Autism Employment Initiatives


Autism Without Fear: Asperger's, Shootings, Healing, Guns

Autism Without Fear: Schools Need to Bring Back Skilled Trades—A Conversation with Temple Grandin

Autism Without Fear: "Hold it. Donald Trump's a Moron on Vaccines? No. WASHINGTON'S a Moron on Vaccines!"


Autism Without Fear: How "Best Practices" are Vastly Overrated in Today's Educational Environment


Autism Without Fear: When We Are Overwhelmed


Autism Without Fear: On "the Twizzler Challenge" and Other Populist Trends


Autism Without Fear: Examining the Legitimacy of Autism Life Coaches


Autism Without Fear: We Raise Money for Research . . . But Not for Our Kids' Schools and Service Agencies???


Autism Without Fear: A Reluctant Vote for Buddy Cianci

Autism Without Fear: Is Corporate Use of "Emotional Intelligence" Grounds for Discrimination Under the ADA?


Autism Without Fear: A Tribute to Author Nancy Garden (or to "Sandy and Nancy")


Autism Without Fear: Goodbye, New York. Hello . . . Green Bay, Wisconsin???


Autism Without Fear: "'Asperger Entrepreneurs'? Don't Entrepreneurs Have to Socialize With Potential Investors?" 


Autism Without Fear: Don't Kid Yourself—Or Rob Your Kid: Sports Matter

Part 1 of a three-part series for Huffington Post

Part 2

Part 3


Autism Without Fear: In the Autism World, Maybe You Just ARE a Bad Parent

First contribution to a new blog with Huffington Post


Book Review: Gary Greenberg's "The Book of Woe" (scathing critique of the DSM-V and its authors)

February, 2014 issue of the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders


Leaving GRASP So It Can Grow

Fall, 2013 edition of Australian Asperger’s Autism Spectrum Magazine.


Socialization for Those on the Autism Spectrum: The Value of Quantity, and the Bigger Picture

Different Roads to Learning.


Tackling the Unemployment Crisis for Adults with Asperger’s

Summer 2012 edition of Autism Spectrum News.


Do I Have Employees with Hidden Disabilities (and Not Know it)?

July 12, 2012 story for Linkage Magazine


Changing Developments in Employment for Young Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

May 28, 2013 blog for ASTEP


Building Corporate Confidence

2012 blog for ASTEP


The Primacy of Trust (Parts II)

Two part article written with Dr. Barry Prizant that began in the Fall, 2009 issue of Autism Spectrum Quarterly.


Asperger's Syndrome in the Workplace

CAI Human Resources Management. October 25, 2012.


What They Can Do, Not What They Can’t

Front cover article for the Summer, 2009 issue of Autism Spectrum News


Learning the Power of "So What"

Published in the Summer 2006 issue of Autism/Asperger Digest


The Origins of GRASP

Published in the Spring 2006 issue of The Autism Perspective (TAP)


Calling a Truce in the Spectrum Wars

Published in the Spring, 2006 issue of Autism Spectrum Quarterly


Dodged Bullets

Published in the February, 2006 issue of The OARacle